Wave Analysis 03.12.2013 (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY)

Forecast for December, 2013 can be found here.

Analysis for December 3rd, 2013


Probably, new mid-term ascending trend inside wave [C] started with diagonal triangle (1) of [C], which is about to be completed.

Possibly, descending correction 4 of (1) may be taking the form of zigzag, after which Euro may start forming final ascending wave 5 of (1).

Probably, price started forming descending wave [c] of 4, which may complete the whole descending correction 4.


Possibly, Pound is forming mid-term ascending trend inside large impulse (C). Right now, pair is finishing ascending impulse 1 of (C).

Probably, descending correction [iv] of 1 is taking the form of extended flat; If this assumption is correct, then pair is expected to form its final descending wave (c) of [iv] of 1.

Probably, price started forming descending wave (c) of [iv] in the form of impulse or diagonal triangle.


Probably, Franc is forming large descending zigzag A-B-C of (5) of [C]. Right now pair is finishing its first part, descending diagonal triangle A of (5).

Probably, Franc is forming ascending zigzag [iv] of A. If this assumption is correct, then price is expected to continue rising and forming final wave (c) of [iv] of A.

Probably, price started ascending wave (c) of [iv] in the form of impulse or diagonal triangle.


Possibly, Yen is completing large ascending impulse (A). If this assumption is confirmed, then later pair is expected to start large descending correction (B).

Probably, pair is forming final ascending impulse 5 of (A). If this assumption is correct, then right now price is expected to start descending correction [iv] of 5.

Possibly, price has almost finished ascending impulse [iii] of 5, which may be followed by local descending correction [iv] of 5.

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